Sustainability Policy

At SEASONS TEXTILES LIMITED, we mainly use two processes to minimize water use in the production of our products and we will explain how that works

Focus on the use of Dope Dyed Yarns

To dye a yarn by conventional dyeing method, a large quantity of water is used and this water gets chemically contaminated in dyeing bath & wasted++- . Generally 30 ltrs of water is used to dye 1 kg of yarn.

To reduce the impact of water use and waste water, we use the dope dyed yarns. It’s a process that involves the adding the colour pigments at the spinning stage of yarn manufacturing. At Seasons, we make products by eco - friendly production processes by using more than 30% of yarns from Dope Dyed Technique and hence saving more than 10000 gallons of water/ annum.

The partial use undyed yarn in some fabrics

We are using some % of undyed yarns of our total dyed yarn usages. By doing this we indirectly reduce the use of water in production process.

No use of Harmful Chemicals, Certified with Oekotex 100 certification

We at Seasons purchase all our dyed yarns from Oekotex certified suppliers to ensure No use of harmful chemicals.

Circular Economy

We are re-using our waste products of production process. We are using our remnant yarns for selvedge making and also sale our weaving process waste selvedge to factories who convert them into recycle yarn and floor covering rugs. We reuse the cartons of our raw materials for re-packing of storage of our yarns used in our weaving.